Gold Gulch General Store & News

Obviously an old grocery store and (very small) press, and maybe a smith’s shop?  They’re all sort of hidden now, still somewhat visible from the interstate but mostly inaccessible to the public on private land (unless you trespass, brave a slope of bull thistle and possess the height enough to straddle some waist-leveled barbed wire).  The pictures here represent four different times I tore up my legs and threatened my family jewels just to get close to the place.  Worth it every time.

I can find next to nothing on the internet about it (so I can’t date its construction or when it went belly-up), except for one other photographer who lives nearby it who braved things similar to snap a few shots of her own.  But it was all photos.  No info.  Last time I drove by it, the ‘Gold Gulch General Store’ sign had since fallen from its nails to the earth, and was laying sideways before the main building’s front door.  Ah, well.  Ashes to ashes.

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