Sierra Nevada, Vol. 1

Pictures of the Sierra Nevada are abundantly available in so many books, studios, galleries, homes and the internet all over the Western World, dating back to not long after field photography actually became a thing, that I hesitate to throw anymore into the mix.  But, then, after all, that is the point:  to add to the greater collective Image of the living, viewing world, regardless of traditional (read: snobbish) photographic merit.  As I always say, photography is not a pissing contest. It’s documentation.  It’s also personal expression.

While I love a sweeping, majestic landscape as much as the next person (which the 400 x 70 square miles of the Sierras provide in abundance), I also look for texture and character in a place–images to appeal to something deeper, maybe, in a viewer.  Images that make a grand place seem a little bit smaller.  That bring people in.  Images, too, that not everybody is running out to take.  Though a great image is a great image, regardless of scale, these photos here, with a few exceptions, are of the more personal variety.

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