Forest Monsters of the Pacific Northwest, Vol. V

1. The Goop-Eyed Stroombapaleep of the Lowlands 2. The Slithrastromeon 3. The Twistmalertdreus 4. The Tree-Toting Troll of Frimisdhlkszd 5. The Gleezmuhltrod 6. One-Eyed Pierre, The Arboreal Battering Ram 7. Coleoptrus Simplalganius 8. The Prognathus Prognosticating Porbleeniolgcx Continue reading Forest Monsters of the Pacific Northwest, Vol. V

Willamette National Forest, Oregon

I like pictures with texture.  Foreground, background, color, texture and, most importantly, balance–all five are, generally speaking though not entirely inclusive, necessary for a good picture.  The rest is just individual epigenetic development.  Or, to put another way, the “eye” through which someone grows up to look out and see the world.  (You get all sorts of variation there.)  The floors and walls of the … Continue reading Willamette National Forest, Oregon

Umpqua National Forest, Oregon

“Messy.”  Or any other adjective to describe the same thing.  It’s not the first word that instantly comes to mind when I go into the forests of Oregon, but it is a sense I get.  Trees fall here and nobody cleans them up.  Moss grows to cover every centimeter of a branch or entire tree and no one comes by to peel it off.  Sword … Continue reading Umpqua National Forest, Oregon

In the Brothel

Downtown Cottage Grove, Oregon, was granted status as a Historical District back in 1993.  The record shows that a number of historical buildings and buildings of interest line the main thoroughfare (while failing to say that the final parade scene in Animal House was shot on the very same street 15 years earlier, which it totally should have), and one of them was this one, … Continue reading In the Brothel

Forest Monsters of the Pacific Northwest, Vol. IV

1. The Oracular Genie of Caliphi 2. The Tintinnambulatory Quercussus 3. Spot 4. The Inner-Soul Seer/Healer/Drainer/Stealer 5. The Thin-Necked Spleengalorn 6. Unoculus The Wise-ish 7. Flat-Faced Sideways-Mouthed Forest Shark (in repose) 8. The Wambling Slurgalong 9. The Cornunum Nasus Tenuis Continue reading Forest Monsters of the Pacific Northwest, Vol. IV